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The section on Taxes & Duties is obviously the most important; in addition to the rather complex system of Direct Taxes for individuals (with tax rates!) and corporations; special sections are dedicated to the industrial / trade tax and to the VAT - Value Added Tax, the first indirect tax imposed in all EC - Member States on a harmonised, but not identical basis.
The law section currently provides for some information in the German rules of applicable law, and Corporate Law with an emphasis on the GmbH (Company with limited liability) which nearly always is the first choice for any foreign and national investor.

Audit & Accounting
will give you a short introduction into some very basic rules. At the same time, you will find some information on the appraisal of enterprises and companies
Some words on the German Social Security System and on Expatriates in Germany are added, just because it causes some bewilderment to the foreigner.

The scope of my services as lawyer, CPA / CA and tax counsel is outlined, here. Do not hesitate to contact me for any further information.
Unfortunately, recourse to litigation can never be excluded, although I strongly recommend to rely on arbitration and mediation.

The profession being highly regulated, requires some obligatory information.