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Germany has a long standing tradition of arbitration; I had the great honour to work as Assistant Professor to Prof. Dr. Karl-Heinz Boeckstiegel, at Cologne University, who presided some of the most prestigious arbitration cases world wide; in particular, he was President of the US Iran Claims Tribunal in The Hague / The Netherlands.

In 1997, Germany adopted the UNCITRAL Model Law on International Commercial Arbitration, replacing the somewhat old fashioned rules in secc. 1025 Code of Civil Procedure from 1879 by internationally acknowledged, state of the art regulations.

As Germany is signatory state to nearly all international conventions on the rekocnition and enforcement of arbitral awards, e.g. the New York Convention of 1958, the European Convention of 1961, and a great number of bilateral conventions, amongst them the US - German Treaty of 1954, Germany offers an interesting seat for international arbitration.

The DIS - Deutsche Institution für Schiedsgerichtswesen (German Institution of Arbitration), Cologne, provides for all the assistance you may require in any arbitration, including the appointment of arbitrators and umpires, and rules on arbitration procedures and mediation.